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Quick Methods In For 2017

The Summer Swimsuits People Are ชุดว่ายน้ำเอวสูง วินเทจ Actually Searching For PHOTO: Courtesy of Need Supply, Zara, and Roxana Salehoun When it comes to shopping for swimsuits , we tend to get a little ahead of ourselves. Never mind that the opportunity to escape to the beach rarely arrives before Memorial Day, we start searching for our summer suit long before the weather shows any promise of warmth. What we've come to discover, though, is that this behavior isn't all that unique to us: Shoppers have been searching for and saving summer '17 swimwear on sites like Polyvore , Lyst , and Pinterest for some time now—and these platforms have, in turn, been collecting some pretty fascinating data about what styles you're going to see all over the beach and pool decks in the coming months. With this information, they're also trying to make the process of finding the right suit less intimidating. Lyst, for one, launched a new feature dubbed SwimSeeker earlier this month, which aims to take some of the guesswork out of shopping for bathing suits online by creating a personalized, curated feed of items based on a user's answers to a short questionnaire. Pinterest, meanwhile, has put together a Top Trending Swimsuits board that details the most popular beach-going styles that users are feeling for summer '17. Despite serving different purposes (and catering to different audiences), there's a surprising amount of overlap between the trends they're highlighting this season. Case in point: All three identified one-pieces—specifically, those with a high cut—as an early winner for summertime. “I never thought I would say this but the one-piece has officially replaced the bikini as the most searched for swimsuit on Polyvore," Amy Wicks, the site's senior fashion editor, told Glamour. In fact, all but one of the top ten swim trends for 2017 on the platform were one-pieces (that exception being the "bandage swimsuit," which came in at number 5). At Lyst, this style has benefitted from a 232 percent boost in popularity this year; meanwhile, Pinterest identified it as its top trending style for 2017.

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